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Master of Science in Engineering

Public Speaker Gustav Dahl Master of Science in Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering

Engineer Gustav Dahl is highly praised as both a University Lecturer and as a Public Speaker.

Gustav Dahl takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge and presenting his research and theses for both a technical and nontechnical audience.

Gustav Dahl is a frequently used University Guest Lecturer at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) where the Technical University is inviting Gustav Dahl to hold lectures inter alia about Internet Security, Privacy, and IP Prefix Hijacking.

Below some proposals for lectures both technical and nontechnical.
Engineer Gustav Dahl is holding lectures about e.g. Telecommunication, Routing, Cybersecurity, Network Design, the Impact of digitalization on Society etc. etc..
The below mentioned lectures can be combined with discussions and nontechnical / technical exercises at different levels depending on the audience.
Even though Gustav Dahl has a very strong technical background then he is highly praised for his ability to explain very complicated topics comprehensible to different audiences.

However, the below mentioned lectures should only be considered as suggestions.
There are many topics that are not listed below e.g. DHCP, IOS, NAT, DNS etc. etc.
It is also possible to customize a lecture about a specific topic of your own choice !

Engineer Gustav Dahl is an international speaker and has held lectures at e.g. Scandinavian Academic Society - Zürich, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and SDSK under SAS Data (Scandinavian Airlines Systems Data).
For a presentation of some of Gustav Dahl's speaking engagements please watch the video at the link below:
Speaking Engagements

Please feel free to get in contact for further information and inquiries.

Master of Science in Engineering

Nontechnical speech proposals: Master of Science in Engineering

  • Internet and Privacy in a Connected World
    ( -The digital impact on society and how it affects everyone's Privacy )

  • An Introduction to Cybersecurity
    ( -Introduction to Cybersecurity issues and challenges with additional easy to use hands-on Security advices for the general public)

  • Is Digitalization running out of Control ?
    ( -A critical look at the digital impact on citizens and the political response)

  • When EU Directives invade your Home.
    There will be answered questions such as:
    "Are energy efficient light bulbs a health hazard ?" and "Are the EU directives becoming unreasonable ?" etc.
    ( -A critical look at some of the EU directives from a technical point of view)

Master of Science in Engineering

Technical and University Lectures: Master of Science in Engineering

  • Internet and Privacy in a Connected World - The technical edition !
    ( -The digital impact on society with technical examples and exercises / discussions)

  • Cybersecurity Risks, Leaks, and Responses
    ( -Real-life examples of security leaks and risks and what the most prudent responds would be)

  • IP Prefix Hijacking
    ( -IP prefix hijacking explained combined with recent examples of IP prefix hijacking and exercises)

  • Device Security
    ( -Prevention of unauthorized access to routers and switches. Configuration of IOS passwords and controlling Telnet and SSH access etc. Furthermore, an overview of ACL - Access Control Lists and router configurations)

  • Routing and Routing Protocols
    ( -An in-depth explanation of routing in general e.g. differentiating between interior and exterior routing. Furthermore, an overview of Routing protocols e.g. RIP, OSPF)

  • BGP - The Border Gateway Protocol
    ( -an overview of the BGP protocol and its attributes with examples. Furthermore, explanations to router configurations of BGP combined with exercises)

  • IP addressing
    ( -explanations of IPv4 and IPv6 addressing and subnetting with exercises)

Master of Science in Engineering

Gustav Dahl